A deadly gas leak in India has caused the lives of 11 including an 8 year old girl with hundreds taken to the hospital in semiconscious state. The leak happened at a chemical factory in South East India, Visakhapatnam.

The leak happened in the middle of the night according to reports. More than 1,000 people are believed to be sick from the gas leak. The death toll is also expected to rise above the already recorded 11 as more people report sick.

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A spokesperson in Seoul disclosed that the Korean owned chemical factory, LG Polymers was just resuming work due to the lock down restrictions put in place in March. The woman said the gas leak was discovered by one of the security guards of the factory overnight.

Videos were posted online of people struggling to breathe and collapsing on walkways. Several unconscious bodies were being loaded into cars and ambulances.

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Styrene gas is used in the manufacture of rubber and plastics and is dangerous when inhaled. Officials say, the chemical that can neutralize the leak is being airlifted to the factory.

The Director-General of India’s Disaster Response Force said some of the people admitted at the city’s hospital showed signs of skin irritation and nausea. An 8 year old girl also died while trying to escape. She fell into a well resulting into her death.

LG Chem, owners of the factory said “We are currently assessing the extent of the damage on residents in the town and are taking all necessary measures to protect residents and employees in collaboration with related organizations.”

70 people are in critical condition across different hospitals with 20 on ventilators due to the gas leak.



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