Preliminary data during the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic shows that the aged are more likely to lose their lives to the virus when infected. However, a few aged people have broken the norm and a 111-year-old Chilean woman is the latest to join the aged recoveries from COVID-19.

Juana Zúñiga was the oldest resident at her care home and the oldest Chilean to survive the  COVID-19 outbreak. She caught the virus with some 25 other people at her care home located in Santiago. She moved to the care home six years ago after her sister died.

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Juana had respiratory disorders when she tested positive for the virus but employees in her care home said she wasn’t badly affected. She was in isolation for 28 days.

Juana had no children and no husband according to records. The director of the care home said moving her out of where she lived to an isolation ward was a difficult decision.

Her care home Director, María Paz Sordo said ‘She did not have any symptoms and very few bouts of fever, which was good.’

Juan Zuñíga became the oldest person in Chile to recover from the virus after she officially recovered on May 10.

Maria Branyas, oldest person to recover from COVID-19

The oldest person to recover from the virus however is a 113-year old woman, Maria Branyas,  born in San Francisco but was lives in Eastern Spain. Maria also survived the Spanish flu pandemic of the 20th Century.


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