The information which has been gotten by our site has revealed that 19 doctors who work at the Tamale teaching hospital in Tamale as one is in critical condition.

Dr. Abass Adam, Director of Medical Affairs of the Tamale Teaching Hospital who confirmed the incident stated that a total of 32 health workers have contracted the Covid-19 virus in the facility.

He, however, revealed that 32 health workers involved 19 doctors, 12 nurses, and one orderly were infected but some of them have been treated and discharged while others are still on treatment.

“Eighty health workers of the facility who were exposed have been tested but the results came out negative,” he said.

According to a source at the hospital, they do not wear all the protective gear making them vulnerable to the virus.

“We the health workers do not wear PPEs when we are working at the facility unless when a patient is tested positive meaning if we are not aware a patient is harboring the virus when they are brought in because we will start treating them as normal patients who have come for medical care so we are really at risk”, the source said.


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