Two Ghanaians murdered at Ojomo Akintan Estate, Lagos, were a father, Richard Kwaku Kwakye, 71 years and daughter, Tope Kwakye, 27 years by their house security officers, Ayuba Idris,  and Taisu Abubakar, both aged 20.

The suspects ran away after killing a father and daughter and upon able work of the Nigerian police officers they have been captured and in police custody. Upon police interrogations of the two suspects they confessed to the murder. They added that their boss, Mr Richard Kwaku Kwakye had not paid them their salaries for three months. Upon further interrogations, one of the suspects, Taisu Abubakar said that “on that day, we took tramadol and Indian hemp and just decided to kill the man. While strangulating him, his daughter saw us, so we killed her too in order to cover up.”

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According to the Nigerian Police officers, upon successful investigations the two suspects would be arraigned before court for trial.




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