Since its inception, iPhone has become a major player in the handset industry selling more than 2.2 billion handsets. Its manufacturer, Apple is known for producing high quality value for money phones.

Users and customers however, will be disappointed if they are looking forward to owning a 2020 iPhone model because it won’t be the usual package that we used to see which includes earbuds, a cable and a power adapter.

According to an experienced tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, 2020 iPhone models which will be released won’t include the usual earbuds and power adapters.

Kuo said that Apple will produce a powerful 20W power adapter but buyers would have to buy it separately. The only accessory that will be included in the phone box will be a USB cable according to Kuo.

Kuo also explains that Apple is spending a lot to have 5G technology included in their 2020 iPhone models and in other to offset part of the huge costs, the company will want to exclude some parts of the phone which usually comes with the box. The company will however offer them for sale separately.

The move also has an eco-friendly twist. Environmental activists claim that including chargers in new phone boxes is becoming a waste burden since users already have chargers of the previous phones they bought from the company.

If effected, the decision will reduce the number of iPhone adapters that end up on various waste dumps across the world.


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