The Ghana Statistics Service (GSS) has postponed the 2020 Population and Housing Census due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Government statistician, Prof. Samuel Anim announced the postponement at the press conference and added that the GSS would announce a new date after consultation with all parties involved.

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According to Prof. Anim, 75,000 enumerators and supervisors were taken through electronic to prepare for the training.

“June 28, 2020, because the night of the census has been postponed … We need to gather more than 75,000 enumerators and supervisors and train them [for training].”

The census should have started on March 15, 2020. The first two weeks are expected to be used for the census. This process involves zoning and coding the number of houses and buildings included in the census.

However, observations from the complete field count study required that the date be changed to 28 June.

Before the pandemic, GSS began recruiting field staff and others needed for the census.

GSS is not the only institution that has suffered a setback due to a pandemic.

The Electoral Commission was also forced to postpone its plans to create a new voter register for the December 2020 general election due to COVID-19.

The Commission has announced that it will strictly follow security protocols when making new voter lists.

The National Identification Authority was also forced to suspend the Ghana card registration in eastern on this issue.

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