United Nations Economic Commission for Africa warns that the pandemic is likely to kill almost 300,000 people on the continent while pushing millions into poverty.

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In a bid to secure a $100 billion safety net for the continent, the organisation believes a lot of people could die from the virus on the continent if no proper measures are put in place.

Unlike America and Europe with more cases and death than China, Africa still remains the continent with less number of confirmed cases and death.

About 19,000 people have been infected on the continent and almost a 1000 death has been recorded, with Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and South Africa recording the most cases.

Ventilators to provide life support for COVID-19 patients in critical condition is lacking in Africa

But with the recent increase in the number of cases and death, the World Health Organisation believes the virus is now spreading away from the capitals and can infect over 10 million people in the next six months forcing the continent to be the next epicentre of the virus.

The organisation believes the situation can get worse on the continent due to lack of ventilators and access to adequate water supplies across the continent.

The $100 billion safety net is to help the continent resolve some of these challenges in order to combat the virus.


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