A 32-year-old nurse who worked at the intensive care unit of the JFK Medical Centre in West Palms Beach was found dead in his car at a hotel parking lot in Deerfield Beach, Florida. His family said he died from a suspected drug overdose.

William Coddington has been suffering from trauma due to the Coronavirus  pandemic. He treated a lot of  COVID-19 patients at the ICU of the Medical Center. His mother told Reuters that Coddington was always worried about seeing people die everyday.

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He was always worried about how little PPEs he had. Coddington had nightmares of ventilator alarms going off in the ICU according to his mother.

His family said he was an opioid addict. He entered rehab at the age of 21 and was dedicated to his recovery from substance abuse.

Coddington relied on meetings to stay sober but he told his mother during a call that it was no longer helpful.

The mother said: ‘He couldn’t meet with his sponsor. And his friends, nobody wanted to see him because he worked in a hospital, not even to sit six feet apart.’

Coddington spoke to his best friend, Robert Marks on a April 24 call where he revealed that he was trapped between chaos and staying alone at home. Marks asked him to stay put and told him not to take any risks.

The mother who feared his condition might deteriorate drove to the hospital at the time he was supposed to be at work but she couldn’t find him. She drove to the hotel and found him dead in his car.

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