A 4-year-old Brazilian boy, Enzo Maia was reportedly shot dead on Sunday at his own birthday party. The shooter, a 21-year-old man who was a gate crasher claimed his gun fell from his waist and fired while it hit the ground.

Pedro Pedidor was seen by arguing with the boy accordinary to witnesses at the party. He then hugged Enzo and shot him in the chest at close range.

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‘We can’t understand what happened, it makes no sense that someone should kill my innocent child for no apparent reason. We are totally bewildered and destroyed by this,’ Enzo’s 30-year-old mother, Vanessa said.

Enzo was seen happily clapping and singing in front of the birthday cake with his mother.

She said the shooter wasn’t invited to the party. He came to the party with a friend who was invited to the party in Baixada Fluminense, a municipality in the Brazilian capital of Rio De Janeiro. Vanessa said Pedro appeared to be drunk.

Photos taken moments before Enzo’s death showed him holding onto a Hulk toy. He anticipated his birthday for weeks and was happily clapping, singing and grinning at his cartoon character-themed celebration.

His mother said: ‘Enzo couldn’t wait for his birthday, he asked me every day for over a month ‘When is my birthday happening, mum? Has my birthday arrived yet? Why is it taking so long?’

The suspect, Pedro Pedidor

‘Now he’ll never see another birthday and we will have to live with the memory that he died in a senseless shooting on the day he was born.’

Pedro was seen playing rough with the kid on a sofa at the party,  he would intermittently bark at him to “shut up and take it” when the boy feels pain. Enzo’s mother said she didn’t want to spoil his son’s birthday by sacking a guest.

‘I overheard Pedro telling Enzo roughly to stop crying so I intervened and warned him to leave the children alone,’ said Vanessa.

The boy went to play with his friends at the roadside in front of the house. Pedro followed him and a gunshot was heard. The mother rushed to the scene to see Enzo gravely wounded.

The suspect who is an ex-soldier and recently left the army attempted to escape after the shooting.

‘He tried to get away by jumping in his car and driving off but I saw what he was doing and I grabbed the car keys and the gun and held onto him until the police arrived,’ Enzo’s father, Douglas said.

Enzo’s father, Douglas organized the birthday party for him

‘People were urging me to shoot him, to kill him,’ he said.

‘But it is not in my nature to act with hate. I believe justice must take its course. I just kept asking him ‘What have you done? What did you do to my son? Why? Why?’

Pedro appeared in court on Tuesday and was charged with illegal possession of a fire arm. He was remanded into prison custody.

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