An 88-year old man who was a church warden was stabbed to death among three other people while shopping at a store in Pein-y-Graig, South Wales. He was stabbed in the throat by a woman in her late 20s.

The 29-year old knifewoman went on rampage stabbing three other people including a 53-year old NHS nurse, Lisa Way and her 65-year old colleague nurse, Gaynor Saurin and 58-year old shopper Andrew Price.

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The deceased, John Rees left her 87-year old wife, Eunice, in their Honda car and went to queue to do their weekly shopping where he met his untimely death.

John Rees’ assailant, Zara Radcliffe was arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder of the three other victims. A Cardiff court remanded her into custody after she failed to apply for bail.

29-year old Zara Radcliffe killed Mr Rees in a knife attack

Prosecutors said the trial has been set for October 19, 2020. The judge who presided over a second sitting today said Radcliffe will remain in custody until the trial date.

Tributes poor in for Mr Rees

Radcliffe is the mother of a young son. She was released from a psychiatric unit recently. Radcliffe claimed police didn’t take her seriously after she reported an assault on her in her just ended relationship. His relationship with the man ended last weekend according to mailonline.


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