Cheryl McGregor and Quran McCain from Rome, Georgia, USA took to Instagram to announce their engagement. They also shared a video of McCain kneeling at a restaurant asking Cheryl to marry him.

“She said ‘yes’. You made me symptomatic, but I love you and from now on nothing else,” wrote the Instagram post.

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Despite the 37 year age difference, the couple insist that their sex life is fantastic and they have great chemistry.

Quran McCain, 24, and his current fiancé Cheryl McGregor, 61, met when Quran was just 15 years old but had no romantic feelings until last year.

Grandmother, 61, engaged to 24-year-old boyfriend

Cheryl, a 17-year-old grandmother, has a child who is older than the Quran. But the Quran says they never thought about the age difference “because Cheryl has a very young mind, a very young soul, and a very young heart.”

Cheryl admitted that she was upset by the hate comments posted on the internet proudly sharing videos of her life, but did her best to ignore them.
The pair first met while working at the Dairy Queen fast food restaurant in Rome, Georgia, in 2012.

Cheryl’s son Chris was the manager of the Quran and she goes to his workplace to check on him or to eat, but Quran was only 15 years old at the time, so there was no romantic involvement.

He eventually quit the job and the couple got lost until November 4 last year when Quran walked into Cheryl’s shop working as a cashier.

Grandmother, 61, engaged to 24-year-old boyfriend

Quran says, “I see her everyday, he is always very happy, but today she is sad and I asked her what was going on that she was crying.”

Cashier Cheryl was upset that she posted a video of her dancing on TikTok and received hate comments, and Quran helped her to cheer up.

They kept in touch and even made a few videos of them dancing together, which went viral. The couple grew closer, and eventually their relationship turned romantic.

Cheryl is only six years younger than Quran’s grandmother and eight years younger than his grandfather.

Cheryl’s youngest daughter is 29 years old, older than the Quran.

Quran says: “no one accepted us, everyone thought we were joking or they thought it was just a game.

“Some of his seven childrendid not agree their mother for dating a younger black man.

Grandmother, 61, engaged to 24-year-old boyfriend

Grandmother, 61, engaged to 24-year-old boyfriend


Grandmother, 61, engaged to 24-year-old boyfriend

However, the Quran confirms that his family accepted Cheryl because they could see how happy they were together.

Despite all the hate, the couple tried to stay positive, saying their fans helped them stay together.

They got engaged on July 31 and hope to get married soon.

The Quran says, “Go ahead, do what makes you happy. In the end everyone will judge you for something so you can do what you think is right and not let anyone convince you” to do otherwise.

Cheryl said, “Don’t look for love because it will find you, because I wasn’t looking for love and it found me and that’s awesome.”




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