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A guy marries his friend’s girlfriend after being asked to find out whether she cheats or not

Additionally, the agreement between the lady’s brother and his friend was that his friend should approach the girlfriend in the name of love and see whether she will accept him or not whiles in relationship. However, the lady’s big brother friend rather told the girlfriend that his fiancee sent him to her to test whether she cheats or not and this infuriated the girlfriend and they rather fell in love with with each other.
Lastly, Ebube Nna also indicated that they got married on Jnauary 1, 2021.
The following depicts what Ebube Nna wrote on her twitter page on January 2, 2021

“It’s just January 2nd yet wahala don full ground.

My big brother’s friend asked his friend to go after his girlfriend just to see if she will cheat on him. The guy agreed and approached the girl but instead of doing as he was told, he, told the girl that her boyfriend sent him.

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She was offended and offered friendship to the guy. They became friends, hanged out once in a while and ended up falling Inlove. Yesterday was their wedding. The original boyfriend is in my house ranting.”




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