A landlord popularly called ‘Bongoria FIghter’ at Adako Jachie near Ejisu rented a house to one Kwaku Daniels affectionately called ‘Socket’ in the Ashante region.

According to sources ‘Bongoria Fighter’ normally rent out his facility for a short possible time spanning from 1 month to 4 months thereabout.

According to the co-tenant of Kwaku Daniels, Kwaku Daniels (‘Socket’) was owing the landlord some rent and needed to pay, however, attempts to collect the rent arrears proved futile for a number of times.  And so on June 19, 2020, Friday the angry ‘Bongaria Fighter’ wanted to eject unwilling Kwaku Daniels. This misunderstanding ended up in a fight. There was only one lady in the house who narrated that she tried to separate the two but was unsuccessful. And so she decided to go and call for reinforcement from other neighbours to help separate two. Before she came back the landlord ‘Bongoria fighter’ had stabbed the tenant, ‘Socket’ to the neck lying in a pool of blood.

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‘Bongoria Fighter’ realising the gravity of offence he has committed took to his heels and as of now, his whereabouts are still a mystery. However, the Police are assiduously looking for his whereabouts to arrest him for prosecution.

The deceased body has been deposited at a mortuary. Not long ago a landlord shot a tenant and the case is on-going. Landlords should exercise restraint whiles tenant must fulfil their bargain. However, both landlords and the tenants must be agents of peace.



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