A man by name Nasiru Seidu Alanga claims to be properly married to Shemima of TV3 Date Rush. In a captivating event as TV3 Date Rush last Sunday Shamima finally chose Ali eventhough almost all the guys were interested in Shamima.

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In a video circulated on the social media, the alleged husband of Shamima claimed the two have a child who is 6 years old called Swabu Nasiru Seidu. He added that he took care of Shamima’s education till she completed.

He subtly warned Ali to leave Shamima and that he will deal with Shamima. He Nasiru Seidu also says the real name of Shamima is Akua Adams, Maame Hawa. 

In fact, all the guys who were on the show seemed to be captivated by the ‘backside’ of Shamima throughout the show.

The response of Shemima of these claims by the alleged husband is expected.

Watch Shemima’s alleged husband below…


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