An unknown man was apprehended last Wednesday for jumping over the fence wall amid setting off fireworks at Kylie Jenner’s luxurious house. 

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Kylie Jenner is a successful American model, businesswoman and media personality and a sibling of Kim Kardashian. Kylie has taste for real estate business and has bought a number of luxurious houses.

TMZ reports that at around 10 p.m. on Wednesday, September 29, police officers were called to Kylie’s Los Angeles property because a man buzzed around her bodyguard looking for her. It was discovered that armed security officer initially told him to move away, which he did at first, but came back after short while.

He reportedly started setting off fireworks in behind the fence and then jumped over the fence. However, the police arrived and nabbed him before he could enter the inner area of ​​Kylie’s security barrier.

An eye witness claimed the man was still rummaging through his pocket and was worried he had a gun. Kylie wasn’t home at the time of the incident.

The police say the damage caused to the security lock is valued at  $1,200 damage  and has been charged for vandalism. The bag the man was handling was found a hammer, rubber mallet, lighter, and fireworks.

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