A 30-year-old man from the municipality of Baasa in the southern region of Builsa in the upper east died Wednesday night after his throat was cut.

He was allegedly killed in a fight between young people from the communities of Wiesi and Baasa in the Fumbisi market, a source told GhanaWeb.

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The incident occurred near the regional service of the National Health Insurance System, where the deceased escaped to death.

The reason for the misunderstanding that led to his murder has not yet been clarified, but there is speculation in the city that a woman is at the center of confusion.

Speculation says that the deceased and his alleged killer fell in love with a woman in the city, a situation they fought for several times.

However, the killers on Wednesday decided to end everything when they fell again that night and cut the throat of the challenger with sharp objects.

The young man’s killing shocked the city with the possibility of a repressive attack by the Ba’ath community, which was destroyed by the loss of life.

Police in the area were not available to confirm the incident. So far no arrests have been made, but the police are behind the killer.

A meeting was held between the Regional Security Committee (DISEC) and the leadership of the two communities to ease tensions, which are currently taking place.

Daniel Kwame Garibba, executive director of the district, is said to be calling for calm in the region because the law operates in its own way.

The remains of the deceased, who were taken to Sandema Hospital for a medical examination, were given to the family for a funeral.

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