A mother of five at Kantamanto market in tears following the missing of her 5-month baby boy, Emmanuel from the shed she was sleeping in.

The woman whose name was disclosed has Salamatu revealed that she suspects her friend of stealing her baby.

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The incident happened on Saturday, 13th June 2020, around 5:30 in the morning.

According to Salamatu, she left her toddler in the care of her 3-years-old daughter to attend to her morning chores.

The friend whose name was revealed as Ayele lured Salamatu’s daughter and took the baby away upon noticing that Salamatu was engaged.

Kantamanto Market

Salamatu got to know about her stolen baby around 8:40 am when her daughter starting asking for the whereabouts of the child.

One of her friends revealed that she saw Ayele with the baby. According to the woman, Ayele snubbed her when she tried to find out why Ayele was in possession of the child.

The volunteers and the police are still searching for the whereabouts of the child or Ayele.

Salamatu disclosed to sources that her baby was her source of joy and the only memory of her child is a picture of him on a friend’s phone.

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