Not everyone believes the crash that led to the death of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant and his 13-yar-old daughter was a mere accident has a Pan-African Conspiracy believes there was an invisible hand responsible for the crash.

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A popular US Pan-African Conspiracy Theorist, Dr Umar Johnson on his Youtube channel claimed Kobe was assassinated by the Illuminati as part of a stealthy white supremacist plot.

Dr Umar who is also a school psychologist and the self-described “Prince of Pan-Afrikanism,”  in a six minutes video claimed that the propeller of the helicopter which had Koba on board was tempered with.

He believes Kobe’s helicopter cannot crash unless there was a foul play since propellers of helicopters can’t go out easily.

In Johnson’s defence, he explained that Kobe filed a legal lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company five years ago for the illegal use of his nickname “Black Mamba” to promote their diet pill “Black Mamba HYPERRUSH.”

(Site of the crash involving Kobe Bryant)

Though Johnson believes the assassination was not meant to kill the other eight but the plotters don’t really care about collateral damage.

An earlier report suggested that foggy weather was responsible for the crash but Dr Umar think otherwise. He cited that planes and helicopters have been flying through fogs for decades and it will be a “murder” if the crash was blamed on a fog.


California rescuers have recovered all nine bodies involved in the accident on Sunday including Kobe and his daughter with officials still investigating the possible cause of the crash.

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