A sensational and inspiring gospel musician Philipa Baafi has followed her childhood passion apart from music. The ‘go high’ hitmaker has followed her long-awaited path of becoming a medical doctor and this explains her absence in the gospel music terrain for a long time.

Philipa Baafi

According to GBC Radio Central interview monitored by straightnewsonline, Philipa Baafi said:“ at a point, I thought of going back to pursue that childhood dream in order to assist mankind. So thanks to God I’m on course and very soon I will become a fully-fledged medical doctor that’s why I was missing from the music scene,”

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She additionally refuted the perception that it is because of her marriage and motherhood that drove her from the gospel music arena, however, her passion of becoming a medical doctor sent her to school.

Philipa Baafi

In the light of following her passion, she had formed a foundation which as part of its objectives takes care of medical treatment and the supply of medicine to the sick. The foundation also aims at helping the needy and the poor in our societies where the need arises.

She has recently released a new song entitled; ‘it is well’




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