Straightnewsonline spotted an accident scene at Mpintsim junction, a suburb of Sekondi near Kojokrom on the 26th day of February 2020. The accident took place at 8 pm last Thursday.

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According to the interview, straightnewsonline did with the Kojokrom divisional police. A Benz cargo car full of load from Inchaban-Kojokrom road wanted to stop at Mpintsim junction. The car, however, had a serious brake failure at 8.00 pm last Thursday and so the driver lost control. The driver tried to move out from the main road to avoid a catastrophe and found the car at the pedestrian footpath. Unfortunately, the car couldn’t stop at the pedestrian footpath and fell into a nearby gutter closed to the shops along the road. The car nearly went into one of the shops. The shop then had people working in it and fortunately stopped in front of it.

Fortunately, the driver and the ‘mate’ were unhurt; no bruises, broken bones or deformities, they are safe and sound.

At least one would be happy for the fact that no one was hurt. From the driver to the ‘mate’ to pedestrians to the nearby shop attendants no one was hurt. Normally, before one drives his or her car it should be checked before.


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