United Nations (UN) officials are predicting that Africa could be the next epicenter for the deadly novel coronavirus. The world organisation believes the virus could affect thousands of people which may result in the death of at least 300,000 people on the continent.

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The prediction is based on the recent increase in the number of cases and death in the past few weeks on the continent.

Unlike Europe and America which have suffered seriously from the virus than China, Africa remains the continent with fewer infected people and death.

About 19,000 people have been infected on the continent and almost a 1000 death has been recorded.

North Africa is the most infected region on the continent with countries like Algeria, Egypt and Morocco recording more than 2,000 cases and 48 death.

South Africa has recorded the same number of cases and death. Ghana and Nigeria are also the most affected region in the Sub-Sahara, recording a combined total of 1,083 cases and 21 deaths.

World Health Organisation (WHO) says the virus is now spreading away from the capitals to other cities and towns which could cause more problems than Europe and America.

The organisation believes the situation can get worse on the continent due to lack of ventilators and access to adequate water supplies across the continent.

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