President Nana Akuffo Addo has lifted the restrictions which were placed on religious bodies as to the number of people to be available at churches, mosques, and other gatherings.

According to the president, people can go to church without fears as there can be over 100 people in an auditorium as well as service can go on for over an hour.

He further went ahead to state that, tho it hadn’t been easy, the grace of God has been sufficient to the nation as the number of recorded cases has reduced drastically.

Speaking during the state of the nation address, he stated that, religious bodies can now worship without thinking about the time limit as well as the number of people to be present during the service.

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He also congratulated the frontline workers who have done immensely well and called for all to still follow the laid down rules so the country can completely get rid of the virus and get all back to normal.


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