Bernard Allotey Jacobs, who was recently suspended by the National Democratic Congress (NDC), said the genesis of his party’s hatred towards him was because he refused to criticise the free education policy.

According to him, he struck the Akufo-Addo government hard when high school policy was pursued, as always the NDC position, but after considering the benefits that many children gained from the policy he changed his stance on the matter.

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The former Central Regional Chairman for the NDC explained that he been advising his party to consider their stance on the policy due to the large number of children benefitting from it who will attain the voting age by 2020 and could spell doom for the party if they kept criticising the policy.

He believes that his party confused his counsel for high-praise for the government.

“When the Akufo-Addo government implemented the free SHS policy, I was one of the first to criticize free SHS, but you know something; when I attend programs on radios and television and criticise a policy by the government somebody will call me later to explain how they have benefited policy I criticised,” he stated.

He continued that the criticise may go against the party during the campaigns if they do not change their position on the subject.

Allotey Jacobs raised another problem that intensified his hatred at NDC and denied that his party had taken his advice on Nana Addo’s extraordinary measures on the fight against the pandemic as a praise for the government.

“If you watch COVID-19, the government works well. we should allow them to manage the crisis to the end and see the virus leave the system before we come back to our political talks again and my party are saying I am in bed with the government,” he added.

The former regional chairman was suspended by the NDC after what the party believed to be “persistent anti-party conduct,” which also led to the party’s boycott of Peace FM’s KookroKoo morning show.

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