Ghanaian veteran musician Amandzeba Nat Brew escaped unhurt after his car crashed in front of the Joy FM building, Sunday, 5th of January.

He was saved by his airbag which blew in time preventing his head from hitting the steering wheel. No casualties recorded. The accident occurred when his Ford Explorer rammed into a parked white Nissan Ranger, the Nissan Ranger then also hit a Toyota Camry on 355 Faanofa Street in Kokomlemle at about 5:20 pm.

(His Ford Explorer bumped into Nissan Ranger)

The ‘Dede’ hitmaker was heading towards Caprice from the Kokomlemle traffic light when he lost his way and rammed into the Nissan.

All three cars had their bonnets heavily damaged.

(All three cars had their bonnet heavily damaged)

An obviously troubled Amanzeba did not talk to anyone but only called his wife to come over and they left the scene after the cars had been separated.

Well, we thank God that there were no casualties. All the people involved in Amanzeba Nat Brew are unhurt and strong as they were before the accident.


  1. Wow
    We thank GOD there was no destruction of lives
    Love the piece it’s short and straight to the point.
    Keep writing
    Would love to read from you more


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