Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, founder of Action Chapel International revealed that a more painful and stronger crisis is about to befall the world after the novel Coronavirus pandemic. The renowned pastor has consistently maintained that the Coronavirus crisis is an act of God.

The pastor believes that the outbreak of the virus is part of the signs of the end time and that God is calling on the world to return to him despite the fact that a couple of pastors have refrained from this narrative.

The pastor said that the virus was supposed to vanish on the 9th and 10th of April but it didn’t because mankind hadn’t turn to God for his favour.

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Archbishop Duncan William at the Presidency

“Prophetically, it’s believed that after COVID-19, there is coming another crisis that will be stronger and painful than COVID-19. And these things have been prophesied in Matthew 24 and in the book of revelations that there will be pestilence and plaques and these kinds of things will be common in these end time and in the time we live in.

“It is not something you and I have control over, God will allow it to turn men to himself. Prophecy is advance knowledge, prophecy is proclaiming and declaring what God has said advance knowledge. Prophetically, it was proclaimed and predicted that this COVID-19 will come but it will Passover during Passover and Passover was the 8th and 9th of April but it’s gone pass over because for whatever reason, we haven’t enforced the prophetic word. It was spoken in September last year and I believe that God has allowed it to wake us up to get us prepared and to humble ourselves and to cause men and women to turn to their maker and their saviour,” Duncan Williams said on Joy FM earlier today.

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