Marriage is a conscious nut to crack, but rewarding. The success of a marriage depends largely on married couples involved here. However, one expects the man to play a pioneering role in the home and in conflict resolution because according to the Bible the man is the head of the marriage and so must set and lead well to bring positive and mutual satisfaction in the marriage.

Yes, conflicts are inevitable in marriage since both partners had different backgrounds, ideologies, and environmental sensitivities. However, conflicts should not be the order of the day in marriage. Conflict should not take the better part of marriage. Once a while conflict may arise, nonetheless what is important is that remedial steps and actions should be taken to resolving it.

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For conflicts in marriage to be resolved the following suggested steps could help a great deal;

  1. The bane of the conflict should be understood and defined. Each partner should be prepared to listen to each partners’ reason for conflict. Do not interrupt when your partner is talking so that you can understand his/her perspective and take it from there. Each partner must not think he/she is right and make a married couple feel that he/she is in the court box. The bane of conflict could be the way a married couple addresses the other in the presence of friends, cheeky answers, too much dictatorship by the man and unsubmissiveness of the wife, etc.
  2. Find out the intentions of your partner regarding the conflict. Again each partner must be prepared to listen to the others’ intentions and wishes as far as conflict resolution is concerned. If this stage is successful, then the easier negotiation and trade-off could be done.
  3. Married couples should begin to identify alternative ways of resolving conflicts. Each of them should in a democratic manner prescribe solution(s) to the particular issue at stake. Many alternative solutions are expected here.
  4. The next stage here is to select the suitable solutions to the conflict in question. This solution should be sufficient enough to mortify the conflict permanently.
  5. The new agreement reached each partner must keep their promises of keeping to the requirement. Each partner must play a role in keeping his/her part of the agreement. Once the agreement is breached conflict resolution is jeopardized.
  6. The partner should be reviewing their performance of the agreement periodically so that if adjustment need be, it is done.
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