Luke 12: 16 – 26

This morning, I arrived at work a couple of hours late. The reason I was late is that I drive to work and there was a major traffic jam.  For much of the time the traffic was at a stand still.  Presently I looked in the mirror and saw behind me the blue lights of an ambulance.  I knew then that the cause of the traffic jam was an accident.  Like the other drivers, I pulled over to allow the ambulance to pass as some poor soul was dependent on that ambulance taking them to hospital.

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I then discovered that the only road I know to get to work was completely closed off by the police  What was I to do?  I set myself and prayed God would show me an alternative route to work.

Upon arrival I spoke to people to let them know that I had arrived.  I was the told by someone who had gone online that the reason for the traffic jam was a fatality.

I had not planned on being in a traffic jam today, but having sat meant I was prepared for it, but what of the person who died?  I do not know who they were or even if they were a man or a woman.  I just know that they were a human being who had set off in their car this morning just as I had. I expect that like me they had made that journey many times and probably set off this morning thinking it would be a day like any other day.  How wrong they were.

Instead, it proved to be the day of their death. I wonder if they were saved.  Had they trusted in Jesus and his death on the cross? I do not know, but whoever they were, they would have suddenly found themselves before God when they had not planned on it and they would either be in Christ or not.  If they are in Christ, then they are with him for all eternity. If not, if they had rejected him, they are damned for all eternity.

In the bible passage we read of a man who thought that he had plenty of time to build bigger barns and enjoy the fruits of his wealth.  Jesus called him a fool for that very night his soul would be required of him.

Most of us may not be wealthy in the eyes of the world, but we all need to be rich toward God.  If we are living for this world and enjoying it with no thought about God or how we stand before him then God will judge us and we have no idea when our souls will be separated from our bodies in death, but we do know that someday, it will happen.


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