Auditor General Daniel Domelevo rejected the application of the Chief of Staff to the audit department to pay debts that were due to more than 200 former and current MPs.

Frema Osei Opare’s request is based on a letter from a group known as a forum for former MPs.

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Former MPs, some of whom left Parliament more than 10 years ago, demanded salaries and wages of more than 29.7 million GH.

However, the Auditor-General described the former legislative request as illegitimate and a conflict of interest, because most of the beneficiaries would be members of the current government, including the President and Chief of Staff.


“Despite the fact that FFMP claims are invalid because the CHC report for 2005-2009 was rejected, it could also be an abuse of power or a conflict of interest to make additional payments (annual salary increase of 20% for four years) to former MPs (more than 10 to 14 years), especially if some of them are already executives,” Domelevo said in his letter.

The Auditor-General also pointed out that it was inappropriate to pay them extra money because some members on the payroll were under investigation for receiving double salaries.

“It is also generally known that some MPs have carried out or are conducting double-paid police investigations involving overpayments. However, some names are included in the list of additional payments that the FFMP makes for letters to the President’s office by submitting April 22, 2020,” he said.

He added: “I believe that former members are not entitled to what they want, but I am also very surprised that our former respected members made such applications during a pandemic that shocked the world.”

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