TV Personality and Radio host Berla Mundi has partnered with Absa Bank Ghana to introduce a financial education series on to her fans and Ghanaians at large.

The show, “Berla Absa Tuesdays” which started airing June 2 and will be aired each Tuesday on social media will give her followers an edge in making good financial choices and investment.

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The bank changed its name from Barclays to Absa in early 2020. The TV3 Journo, Berla Mundi was appointed as a brand influencer to help promote the bank back in February.

“Yes, it is hard work up front, but if you are looking to tackle a major life change—whether that is buying a house or getting out of debt or buying a car—you need to cut back on spending money on things that aren’t necessities, no matter how small or insignificant they seem,” She added.

Absa Bank Ghana said they are happy to offer “advisory support” to Ghanaians in order to  help them make informed decisions when it comes to finance.

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