Joe Biden blamed President Donal Trump’s “lies and incompetence” for the coronavirus pandemic deaths as the death toll in the US approaches 200,000.

The Democratic candidate used a campaign moment in Wisconsin to assert credentials and show Trump that he is not interested in his supporters risking their lives to attend his campaign events in the COVID-19 pandemic.

So far, Biden has appealed directly to workers who can vote in the election, and he is reaching out to Republicans who voted for Trump but may be dissatisfied with their election of the president and withdraw their patriotism.

His second trip to Wisconsin as a Democratic candidate is happened on Monday. He visited Kenosha earlier this month.

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But he started his pandemic-oriented speech and attacked the president for holding an election campaign in which those present were not within social distance and were wearing few masks. He said Trump was keeping his distance while letting his supporters risk their lives.

Trump held a rally last weekend in Henderson, Nevada, where 5,000 supporters gathered in a warehouse with little social distancing and few masks. The company was fined $ 3,000 for hosting an event that violated Nevada COVID-19 regulations. Trump’s campaign encourages supporters to wear masks, but adds that people are free to make their own decisions.

Meanwhile, in his speech on Monday, Biden wore a white surgical mask as prescribed by Wisconsin rules, which require masks to be worn indoors in public places.

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Biden continued his attacks on Trump, calling him out and accusing the president of panicking over the pandemic and of making America pay the worst price for it.

Joe Biden

Biden’s speech came as the death toll from the coronavirus approached 200,000 on Monday. He warned Americans not to tremble at the disease.

The first lockdowns started in March and the impact affected businesses that were closed, crushing the economy and causing unemployment.

There are more than 6.79 million confirmed cases of COVID in the US, and there has been an increase in new cases in 24 states over the past week.


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