Joe Biden’s campaign on Thursday said it lost more than $ 500,000 in potential campaign donations this week and blamed Facebook after problems with its social media advertising system prevented the campaign from running some ads where donations are requested.

Facebook admitted late Thursday that technical flaws prevented some campaigns from running multiple ads this week.

Vice President Joe Biden

Facebook said the technical issues affected both presidential campaigns and were not human-made to affect any particular campaign only.

Both campaigns use Facebook ads to promote and attract campaign donations, and both have spent millions of dollars on the platform this year.

The Biden campaign has criticized Facebook’s role in the election, including its policy of allowing politicians to lie in political advertising, which Democrats see an advantage to the Trump campaign.

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The technical problems, according to Facebook, were the result of changes in political advertising in the last week of the campaign.

The company announced in September that it would restrict new political advertising in the final week of the campaign so news organizations and political opponents have time to check facts and question candidates’ claims and ad campaigns.

These restrictions went into effect on Tuesday and the policy change caused problems for Facebook’s automated system that reviews and approves ads before they can launch on the platform.

The company said some of the problems were also caused by a misunderstanding of campaign instructions that Facebook issued regarding the new rules.


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