A Nevada nurse who came to New York City to work as a frontline nurse as the Coronavirus surged has alleged that the city hospitals are “literally murdering” minorities as a result of negligence but “nobody cares.

37- year old nurse Nicole Sirotek in a teary video accused the hospitals of medical negligence, mismanagement a.small putting things in disarray.

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Nicole compared working in the frontline to “going into a f***ing twilight zone”. She said things were in so much disarray that she was once assigned to take care of a patient who was already dead and was lying in a body bag.

Nicole pictured with her husband

‘They’re not dying of COVID. Yes people are going to die of COVID, I know this, I’m not like a new grad student. I am literally saying they’re murdering these people.

‘And nobody cares because they’re all minorities and we’re in the f***ing hood and that’s not okay.’

The ICU nurse also accused civil rights groups of doing nothing and looking on while blacks die from the virus.

‘I legitimately don’t know what to do anymore. Even the advocacy groups don’t give a s*** about these people. Like literally, Black Lives Don’t Matter here,” Nicole said in tears.

Nicole left her young family and traveled miles away to help in the frontline. She said she needs people who can help save the lives of these minorities.

‘What I need is someone to help me save these people from being killed from gross negligence and medical mismanagement and no-one is listening to me.’

New York has recorded over 170,000 cases of the novel Coronavirus with more than 13,000 deaths so far.

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