Ghanaian Actor of Junka Town, Too Much has said he does not believe in politics because he was disappointed by NDC and NPP.

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Too Much revealed that he used to campaign for New patriotic party(NPP) and later switched to National Democratic Congress (NDC) thinking things will change for him but he did not get anything from it.

According to him, both parties promised him a job that made him campaign for them but he was disappointed.

Speaking with Zion Felix, he stated that due to that disappointment and their failure to fulfill their promises to him he does not believe in politics again.

” I do not believe in Politics anymore, I won’t deceive you i didn’t get anything from it.

Too much revealed he has received calls from both parties but this time around he said no.

He added that before he will campaign for any political party again unless they pay him a huge amount of money which he knows they cannot pay.


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