A married woman and her boyfriend were arrested in Pamen near Kwabeng in the Eastern Region by the Manhyia Divisional Police Command in the Ashanti Region for conniving to kill the woman’s husband.

The two were arrested after the woman’s boyfriend mistakenly called the Manhyia Police Divisional Police Commander instead of the assassin that was contracted to kill her husband.

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The suspect, Mavis Brepor, 27, popularly known as Maadwoa plotted with her boyfriend, Patrick Asare, 50, to kill her husband, David Gator whom she is married to with three children.

The Manhyia Divisional Police Commander, ACP Kwaku Buah in an interview disclosed that the boyfriend mixed up some of the digits and ended up calling him by mistake. As the conversation unfold between the two, the ACP realised that the woman’s boyfriend, Patrick was ready to pay a whopping Ghc 100,000.00 to the assassin to execute the killing.

The police Commander used undercover investigators who posed as contract killers from Sewhi to lure Patrick to Kumasi. They told him to come to Kumasi so that they can follow up on the assassination.

The suspects told Police they planned to use poison to kill the man but feared killing the woman’s children alongside the husband. They therefore aborted the plan.

Patrick led the Police to Pamen where Mavis was arrested. They are currently in Police custody.

Mavis however is claiming innocence. She said her boyfriend, Patrick used juju on her and pleaded for forgiveness. The two entered into a blood covenant to live together. The covenant necessitated the elimination of the husband to pave way for them to live together happily.


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