The Management of the hospital has therefore asked the staff of the hospital to self-quarantine awaiting coronavirus tests. The management has temporarily closed the hospital.
This spells danger for the patients who the deceased took care of them when working. The entire community of Nsuta, the family of the deceased, and all the people the deceased nurse had interactions with are all at risk of coronavirus infection.
There must be contact tracing. How will the contact tracing be effective since the infected person is dead?. I recommend that there will be tests for the entire Nsuta community if the spread is to be curbed.
Management of GMC Hospital has entreated all to be calm as every effort is being made to stem the spread of the Virus within the Nsuta community.
Management of GMC Hospital had these to say;
“Management will continue to monitor the situation and keep the entire workforce informed about developments and elevated measures that will be taken.
Let us continue to maintain social distance at all times, wash our hands with soap frequently, apply hand sanitizer when we have to and let our face mask be part and parcel of us.
Protecting yourself from Covid-19 means protecting your fellow colleague from getting infected”.
Unfortunately, this will increase the figures of coronavirus infections in the Western Region and the country at large.
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