Two teenage girls, aged 16 and 18 years were allegedly shot dead by their family relatives in Pakistan after the girls released video footage of themselves in the company of a man.

The video which was shared online showed the girls in a secluded place with a man, an act their family members deem dishonorable to their families.

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Rights groups have ruled the murders to be honour killings. Honour killings are carried out when a family believes a member has engaged in an act that brings dishonor to the family.

Police have so far arrested two men on the suspicion of being involved in the murder of the two teenagers. The suspects in police grip are the brother of one of the girls and father of the other girl.

Pakistani police are on a manhunt for two other family members who are also believed to be involved in the killing.

A Razmak police official told Pakistani newspaper, Dawn that the suspects said the victims were killed and buried in the village.

The video is believed to have been shot over a year ago but was shared on social media a few weeks ago before the murder of the girls.

Activists in Pakistan estimate that an average of 900 to 1000 girls are murdered annually in honour killings.

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