Prime Minister Boris Johnson sought to renegotiate with European Commission boss,Ms von der Leyen  on Northern Ireland Border and other provisions in the Brexit agreements signed, but she wrote on a twitter wall that EU will not renegotiate, however, continue to be flexible within the existing protocol jurisdiction.

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Ms Ursula von der Leyen’s Twitter says: “The EU will continue to be creative and flexible within the protocol framework. But we will not renegotiate.”We must jointly ensure stability and predictability in Northern Ireland.”

On Wednesday July 21,2021, the UK’s Brexit Minister Lord Frost indicateS the areas that needs renegotiation;

  1. If goods from Great Britian purported to be sent to Northern Ireland should not be checked
  2. remove certificates and checks on food which must be consumed in the Northern Ireland
  3. Exclude agreements on medicine
  4.  Allow free flow of goods in tandem to UK rules and EU product in Northern Ireland.
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