Britain First Leader Paul Golding has been found guilty of an offence under the Terrorism Act by a judge after he refused to give passwords to his phone, laptop and hard drive to Police while returning to UK from a trip to Moscow.

The Metropolitan Police officers stopped the 38-year-old Golding at Heathrow Airport on October 23. Police demanded access to his apple laptop and iPhone but he refused to give the pins for the devices.

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Golding was charged with wilfully refusing to comply with a duty under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act, a charge he denied and said he wasn’t guilty of during a social distancing court proceeding at the Westminster Magistrate Court in London.

The judge, Chief Magistrate Emma Abuthnot held that there was no “doubt” Golding willfully refused to comply with request for information although he understood his obligations.

Golding received a conditional discharge for nine months and asked to pay a surcharge of £21 and £750 in costs.

Golding said his trip to Russia was a “purely political trip.” He said he went to Moscow under the invitation of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, a group he described as a right wing party. Golding also said the group wasn’t an extremist group and that he didn’t meet with any Russian government official.

Britain First is a deregistered political organization founded in 2011. The group is a right wing group whose mandate is to preserve British culture and prevent what it called the Islamisation of the UK. The group was however unsuccessful in all the elections it contested in and was disregistered by the electoral commission.

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