Students of Enyan Denkyira Senior High School in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam, District of the Central Region has crushed which has lead to 7 in critical condition and over 10 injured as a result of fighting over girlfriend.

According to the information gathered by Nana Tawiah indicates, a form three student in the school has a confrontation with a day students of the same school on last Sunday afternoon who happens to be a border student brutalizes the day students.

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So in the evening,the day student escorted his girlfriend who is a boarder in the same  boarding house students at that time saw the day student around 10 pm which infuriated the boarding house students to cease the mobile phone and other belongings of the day student. According to report, one of the borders threatened to have sex with the girlfriend of the day student. The day student then pleaded that his belongings be given back to him but nobody never minded him and in addition brutalized him also on that evening he escorted her girlfriend.

According to report,the day student student went back to town and gathered over 15 gangs from the town to confront the boarding house students.The gangs went to the campus with sharpened cutlasses, sticks and weapons allegedly to go and wound them.

They invade the campus and the boarding house students also have confrontation with them and hence over 15 people got injured in the process. Reports indicates that,the boarding house student threatens to snatched the girlfriend of the day student but also threatened to not allow him.

Speaking to Emmanuel Mensah, a day student and victim who joined the gang to cause the meyhem on the school explained to Oheneba Nyamedo that,he was there where their friends called him to go with them at the campus for there was a trouble which he need to go with the gang to solved only to go and meet the other gangs with weapons fighting themselves on the campus.

In addition,one Kweku Arthur an eyewitness also explained that,he heard the boarding house student threaten the day student that he will teaches him a lesson but didn’t pay attention to it.

According to him,he saw the gangs going to the school with cutlasses, sticks,rakes and many more only for him to hear that there has been a fight on the campus which resulted in over 17 people injured.10 of the injured people are town boys where 7 of them are students.

The victims are currently receiving treatment at Ajumako Government Hospital.

As at now the Nkwantanum Police have arrested the gangs and in custody assisting investigations.

Story by : Oheneba Nyamedo Kwame Addex

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