Cambodia is a Southeast Asian nation which has Phnom Penh as its capital.The Kingdom of Cambodia shares borders with Bangkok on the northwestern and Vietnam on the northeastern sides. had the privilege to interview a Ghanaian who received dose of racial discrimination at Cambodian Immigration Service at their airport. According to the victim, Ghanaian, known as Kobina was issued one month tourist visa with 3 months expiration by the Cambodian visa section officials after application. Kobina bought a flight ticket with Ethiopian Airline and took a flight from Ghana on last Thursday, 20th to  21st June,2019, Friday to Cambodia and safely arrived at their Airport.

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After he arrived at Cambodian Airport he had to go through the immigration process, but surprisingly the immigration officials told him that all his documents are correct but will not be allowed entry into the Country, because he is a Ghanaian. The question is why was Kobina given visa in the first place?. This is a case of racial discrimination, would he have been sent back if he was Asian from different country?. With so much disappointment, Kobina had to come back to Ghana and he arrived at Kotaka International Airport on Monday, 24th June,2019. This is a case of gross unfair treatment and racial discrimination or racism at the highest level.

I am appealing to Ghanaian officials to come to the aid of this Ghanaian so that some of these anomalies could be forestall. could be contacted in case responsible government agency is interested to helping Kobina for further details.


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