Ghanaian Musician and a former member of 4×4 group, Captain Planet sends fear and panic to Nigerian Musicians as he narrates his dream.

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Captain Planet Shared on his Twitter handle about a dream he had concerning one of their big stars.

In his tweet he said the musician will be poisoned which will lead to his death.

Captain Planet added that, the death will be a big blow to the world and he called on Music lovers to pray for all musicians.

“I had a dream that one big musician from naija died (was poisoned) and the whole world was shocked. Pray for all of us. Just a dream tho but it should be taking serious so everybody stay prayed up 🙏🙏🙏 .
Almighty Protect Us From The Wicked AMEN“

Captain Planet cautioned them to treat his dream with all seriousness.

check the tweet below


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