The Supreme Court denied the case where Martin Amidu’s right to act as a special prosecutor was questioned.

The decision was a majority of 5-2.

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The Supreme Court did not give reasons for the decision, but said lawyers could remove it from the court registry.

This decision meant that the Apex court had legitimized Martin Amidou’s position as special prosecutor.

Judges who supported the dismissal of the case included: Justice Cheif Anin Yeboah, Judge Bafffoe Bonnie, Marfo Sau, Nene Amegatse and Prof. Ashie Kotey.

Two judges who were for the motion were judges Sully Gbadegbe and Agnes Dodge.

The lawsuit filed by the former deputy attorney general Dr. Dominic Ain said that 66-year-old Amidu was too old to hold public office and therefore could not be a special prosecutor.

He, therefore, requested a declaration that, in accordance with interpretations of Articles 190 (1) (d), 199 (1), 199 (4) and 295 of the 1992 Constitution, the retirement age for all public offices made under Article 1 (1) (d) is 60 years old, so Mr. Amidou does not qualify nor has the right to be appointed as a special prosecutor.


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