National Democratic Congress (NDC) presidential candidate John Dramani Mahama said that cashew farmers will receive special attention and support if NDC wins the December election.

He explained that the focus of NDC on cashew farmers and cashew production is part of a program planned by the party to add value to agricultural production in order to increase income and production.

At a meeting of Brohani cashew farmers and chiefs in the Tain district of the Bono region, President Mahama said that cashews, a crop that is widespread in the region, will flourish under his rule.

“It’s time for cashew farmers. If you are interested in cashew nuts, take some land and start planting because it will be a successful business under my government, ”he assured.

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John Mahama

The former president also announced that the NDC would introduce a number of measures to increase the productivity and profits of cashew farmers from trade.

According to him, cashew farmers will have something similar to the COCOBOD structure are being prepared to pursue the interests of cashew farmers while ensuring increased cashew production.

He also said that cashew nuts processing facilities will be built to add value by processing cashew nuts for export, which will increase farmers’ revenue.

Emphasizing the importance of agribusiness, the chairman of the NDC said the ministry of Food and Agriculture would be transformed into the Ministry of Agriculture and Agribusiness to coordinate aspects of agricultural business for the benefit of farmers and the nation.

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Mr. Mahama also announced that there will be a mechanization center in the area that will provide technical support and tools such as planters, harrows, plows, and shellers to assist the farmers.

He also promised the predominantly Muslim farming community that the NDC would introduce a cashew farmer pension system, as well as government support for Muslim farmers to carry out the pilgrimage.

Regarding the poor road conditions, the NDC presidential candidate told the public, “Leave your road to me, I will make sure it is fixed asphalted,” adding that “we will also open a police station for you to protect you from armed robbers and other crimes, “he promised.

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The former president introduced NDC MP to Tain, Suleman Ramzi Adam. He reminded the Brohani people to check their names at the registration center to ensure that they were not deprived of their rights.


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