The Lord says,change how you think and the harvest will come to you.Change how you move in the Spirit and you will see Me better,and you will see Me more in your life.More of Me requires less of you,says the Lord!
Scripture for the day – 1 Samuel 2:9-10.

The Lord says,how things stack up now is not how they are going to be.As you allow Me to move in those places that you kept Me out of in your life,then I will show you how I will stack the deck in your life and cause you to turn a new leaf so that things will stack up in your favor in going forward,says the Lord!
Scripture for the day – Job 32:7-9, Job 12:12-25, Proverbs 21:30, and then Proverbs 19:20-21.

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The Lord says,you will keep repeating cycles until you ready that it is the plan and the trick of the enemy to keep you going around the same mountain and walking in circles.My strategy for your life will break those cycles and negative patterns,but you have to submit to what I Am telling you and follow My instructions to the detail,says the Lord!
Scripture for the day – Matthew 15:9, John 4:19-25.

The Lord says,the fire that was started by them with intentions to harm you and to destroy you will turn back on them and devour them.Then shall they know that I Am not a God that stands afar off and just watch things happen.My eyes are always watching upon the evil to cause it to return upon the heads of the evildoers that sent it,says the Lord! I Am watching over you to protect you as the apple of My eyes,declares the Lord!
Matthew 6:14-15,Mark 11:25-26,Matthew 5:21-24, 1 Peter 3:7-13,Psalm 66:18-20, 1 John 5:14-15, Job 23:14, Psalm 57:2-7, 1 Samuel 12:16-25, Exodus 9:22-35,Psalm 99:6-9, John 11:41-42, 1 Kings 18:36-39, Luke 11:9-13.


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