A man in Indonesia collapsed and begged for mercy while he was being flogged for raping an underage girl in a conservative Indonesian province.

The 19-year-old man received 146 lashes which is the maximum for serious offences after he was arrested for raping a young girl age undisclosed.

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The 19-year-old man received 146 lashes for molesting and raping an underage girl

The Aceh province is well known for its use of Islamic law which allows public flogging as punishment for certain crimes.

The young man cried out and begged for mercy. He briefly collapsed and was attended to by a doctor before the whipping continued.

Two men were also flogged on Thursday 100 lashes each for having sex with underage partners.

The young man collapsed briefly and was treated by a doctor before the flogging resumed

Offenders can be flogged for several crimes including gambling, drinking alcohol, premarital sex and homosexuality.

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