China-Africa relations are in tatters after Chinese clampdown on African nationals caused outrage across the African continent in the face of the novel Coronavirus scare.

A large score of Africans was evicted from their homes last week by landlords and left on the streets. The victims of the forceful evictions were also refused hotel rooms in the city of Guangzhou, the largest African populated city in China.

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African students were also forced out of their rooms for forced testing and mandatory 14-day quarantine in Guangzhou.

African countries like Kenya, Ghana and South Africa have registered their displeasure after videos were seen circulating online of Chinese police harassing Africans on the streets.

Ghana and Uganda foreign ministries have summoned their respective ambassadors to answer questions in response to the maltreatments.

Chinese foreign ministry said they will attach “great importance” to the concerns being raised and will work around the clock to reduce agitation across the African continent.

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