The unkwown Chinese company has also invented its own own peeler and grater for gari processing

The China is now the largest contributor in worlds’ export. China now dominates world economies with exports, giving loans and foreign direct investment in the world especially Africa. Technically they have dominated almost all the Africa continent.

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One interesting development by the Chinese is that they are now producing and selling within and outside their borders what Ghana has dominated in for so many decades, cocoa and gari production. A number of videos sighted by straightnewsonline indicated that some Chinese companies have manufactured machines for peeling off cocoa to get cocoa beans at faster rate and the same could be said of gari production. Production of such commercial products have been automated. Ghanaian cocoa producers and and regulatory bodies like COCOBOD feel threatened by the imitation of Ghana’s product by the Chinese.

Ghanaians are currently fighting illegal mining which has destroyed cocoa farmlands found to contain gold. Many Ghanaian leaders are called to up their game to arrest this illegal mining destroying Ghana’s cocoa lands and water bodies.

Local producers of Ghana should adopt with amazing rapidity the effective mechanized system of producing and processing of Ghana’s cocoa, gari and other local foods proving to be good cash cow.



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