According to the report from Honourable Albert Kan-Dapaah, Minister for National Security which was copied to Director-General, Ghana Health Service, and the Ministry of Health, that Burkinabe Chanber of Commerce has caution the public not to consume the Chinese Green Tea, Achoura as it has determined to beĀ  empirically as unwholesome.

Further, the Minister also indicated that the Burkinabe authourity says that the product, Achoura Chinese Green Tea contains pesticide residue after diligent checks, and so it is not safe for human consumption and encourage the its removalĀ  from the market.

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Additionally, the product is said to have been sighted in the Sahelian region and some of the West African countries, including the Northern part of Ghana and Zongo Communities.

The Minister is cautioning the people of Ghana not to buy or consume such a product found on the market since it has entered Ghana too already.

Below are the report and the picture of the product in question;





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