The founder of Assemblies of Light Bearers Greater Church of Lucifer also known as the Church of Satan, Ifekwe Udo has been arrested by security operatives in Abia State.

Udo whose activities have been described as a curse on the land of Ohafia where his church is located was reportedly arrested for violating lockdown orders.

According to Nairaland, Udo created jobs and used the opportunity to get youths to join his ministry.

“He knew most youths in the community were jobless, so he gave them jobs.

“Yes. He created employment for the people. Okada riding jobs.

“His Okada boys grew in their hundreds, riding and fending for their master, themselves and their families.

“Those who missed to pay up the bit at the agreed times, had their motorcycles seized and never returned.

“This harsh decision didn’t consider how much a person had paid in the past. It didn’t consider unplanned events. Not accidents. Not family issues.

“If one failed to pay up his bit at the agreed time, his motorcycle was gone. Not even a mother’s tears would bring it back.

“He realized that sex hawking is a lucrative business to invest in, so he built a bar, and installed the most popular brothel behind it. So when a person becomes tipsy and may desire the body of a woman, he would easily follow one sampling prostitute to her chamber for a good time.

“Even women could go there to get the professional services of drugged men who were regarded as sex machines. That means, if a husband didn’t understand the unique art of bedmatics, his wife could go get multiple orgasms with one of the sex machines in the brothel”.


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