The struggling businessman and a member of the opposition party National Democratic Congress (NDC) has disclosed that some churches and mosques have been feeding him ever since his assert were seized by the state.

Woyome, whose account and businesses were frozen by the state, told Umaru Amadu Sanda on Citi TV face-to-face show that “the church and sometimes the mosque feed me” and added that “they sometimes contribute money for my survival.”


He said he also receives financial support from outside families and some benefactors.

Alfred Agbesi Woyome

As his fight against the country continues, he said his shares in 14 companies were frozen and his hands are tied by the state.

“I am not working. The government is closing all my companies on a court order. The Bank of Ghana has putten me on a blacklist, which has caused me to lose a large contract of supplying materials for port construction.

“Due to this criminal case and other related matters I couldn’t consult for contracts in other countries,” Woyome said.

Woyome believes from the actions of the state, it is not interested in the money rather see him wallow in his current condition.

“You don’t want me to pay. You want to make Mr Woyome useless for questioning the status quo.”


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